Crazy, some people thought

When we invested in our first automatic round-bed lathe in 1979, there was a difference of half a million SEK in the price of various models. Our choice was the most expensive machine. At the time this cost was a large part of the company’s entire turnover. With a 30 % interest rate on the loan, it was an investment that many dismissed as crazy. But the decision was entirely correct. Soon we had full speed ahead in production and the loan was behind us. Quality pays off.

Sorting machines with zero tolerance

Sorting machines are important in our activities. That is why we only use the best. One of them photographs products, counts the pixels and rejects any defective units. Another photographs and ensures that every individual product is free from shavings. It also rejects any that deviate from the limits.

Knowledge of machining

To always remain at the forefront, we are involved in Skärteknikcentrum. In cooperation with companies, suppliers, research institutes, development institutes and universities, Skärteknikcentrum focuses on the development of technology, competence and productivity. It also drives development projects at the national and international levels.

Important weaving loom for industry

Working with 5S is a method that originated in Japan. In the 1920s, when Toyota was manufacturing weaving looms, they developed a model which stopped when one yarn ran out to avoid producing faulty material. This method of getting things right from the start and improving through small modifications has since been adopted by industries throughout the entire world.

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