It may sound a bit stupid, but the word sustainability is becoming a bit worn. But not as worn as the environment. No words last forever, not even sustainability. On the other hand, it makes no great difference what we call what we are doing. As long as our approach benefits our customers, society and the environment, we are happy.

At Gnosjö Automatsvarvning, our work with sustainability has always been based on common sense. If high quality is better for customers, the environment and business, there is no reason to manufacture products which must be replaced. If cutting oil can be kept in a closed system which also provides underfloor heating in the dining room, it would be silly not to do it. Or when we discovered that the brass rods we used were 12 mm in diameter when 11.5 mm was enough, it was a shame not to reduce them by 0.5 mm and save many kilograms of brass.

Perhaps our perspective is influenced by the third generation of Franssons, who are already in the factory and playing outside. The concept of sustainability then takes on a different meaning. A completely different meaning.

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